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Camping in France

June 25, 2018

Back before The Campsite Journal was a thing, Ross and I spent four weeks travelling and camping in France. We spent the summer in our two man Eurohike tent, driving across the French countryside, stopping off for a wild swim where ever we could. I don’t have many photos as it was a few years ago, but there is one campsite that I had to share.

The Campsite Journal | Wild Swimming in France

It’s in the photo below and this doesn’t do it much justice as it’s a stunning quiet campsite located right on the River Drôme. The river is in the photo where the grass meets the hedge and you can pitch up your tent right on the river’s edge.

Camping in France | Camping de la Condamine, Pontaix, Rhône Alpes

We loved the campsite so much but didn’t make a note of where it was or what it was called. A few years later on our honeymoon, we were camping in France travelling across the South and started the search for it. We had a rough idea of the area and drove that direction. We managed to find the local town and once we were there, we knew we’d find the campsite.

And we did! It’s called called Camping de la Condamine close to Pontaix. When you get there, you’ll drive down a long track and will come to a little hut where you’ll find a very friendly French man who will book you in and then you can enjoy the campsite for yourself.

It’s a basic campsite that has all you need – clean toilets, showers and sinks for washing up. The location really is the best thing about this campsite. You can camp in peace, next to the river in the French summer sun.

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