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The Swedish Archipelago

June 27, 2018

Sweden is a beautiful place to camp. We went in August and were lucky to have hot sunny weather for our entire trip. After flying into Skavsta, we hired a car and drove up to Stockholm. Camping along the archipelago on the way. We went camping in Sweden about five years ago and didn’t make a note of any of the places we stayed at the time so unfortunately I can’t recommend any specific sites. But, the area was stunning and it was really easy to find campsites and book in as you turn up. The islands and the sea are beautiful. We spent several mornings cooking breakfast on the rocks then dipping in the sea for a quick swim.

There was one campsite near Stockholm that we would not recommend staying at. It was really noisy, the owners were unhelpful and the site was pretty grotty. We stayed there one night to be able to get into Stockholm easily the next morning but it wasn’t even worth it for that. I’d suggest finding a hotel or AirBnB for Stockholm instead.

Camping in Sweden was a dream, all the other campsites we stayed at were excellent, clean and calm. If I ever find the names of them I’ll make sure to add them to The Campsite Journal map.

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