Welcome to The Campsite Journal, a blog for campers and outdoor adventurers. Here you’ll find campsite reviews, things to do, places to eat and a general appreciation for life outdoors.

The Campsite Journal became an idea after staying in one too many bad campsites. Me (Hayley) and my husband Ross work full time and bank holiday weekends are the peak time for us to pack up the tent and head off camping. The downside to this of course, is that everyone else in the UK does exactly the same. We ended up staying at a string of bad campsites and it was then that I realised it’s really difficult to get a sense of a campsite just from Googling it.

So here is The Campsite Journal. Somewhere where you get a full overview of a campsite, the good and the bad. Because some of the best campsites don’t even have a website, and what I really want to know is, what are the toilets are like?! Obviously each to their own etc. but I hope the Journal is helpful for other campers and you’ll also find a few things to do nearby if you’re interested.

The Campsite Journal

Whilst looking back for all the best campsites we’d previously stayed at, I found this notebook. As it turns out, The Campsite Journal has been in the pipeline for years. Ross made the notebooks for me back in 2013 to keep track of our campsites during a trip across France.

I hope you enjoy reading and that you find an excellent campsite for your next trip 🙂

If you want to get in touch then you can here: thecampsitejournal@gmail.com